Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Podcast: Autismpodcast; Episode 78

The special education podcast that I was previously blogging about had only one episode left and it was a slideshow of the school, so I decided to find myself a new podcast to blog about.

This podcast is called the Autismpodcast, and it is a series that focuses on different aspects of autism including various programs, teaching methods, apps, etc. that are developed to aid people who have Autism. 

In this episode,   talk with the co-creators of iConverse an iPhone/iPod touch application that functions much like a picture exchange communication system. While the application is new and currently contains only six icons, the potential for this efficient, useful, and compact assitive communication device is strong. The creators talk of users being able to generate their own icons at some point in the future as the software matures.

This app would be amazing for people with autism because one characteristic of autism is that they rarely speak. My five year old cousin has autism and he may say a few words now and again, but other than that he uses hand motions and a limited amount of sign language that he has learned over the years. The way he best communicates is with his iPhone my aunt got him for Christmas when she started noticing how engulfed he was with technology. He also used flashcards that had various pictures of foods and drinks. This app would combine the same system to help those with autism who don't speak better communicate their needs.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Episode Four; Student Improvement

This episode in the podcast is an interview with Karen Fazekas, the mother of Matt Fazekas from the previous episode and how the RSP program in the school district has greatly improved his speech. 

Her interview is a testimony to how special education programs are greatly beneficial to students and how improvement can be seen throughout the student's school career.

This episode made me even more excited to become a special education teacher. The fact that even parents can see how the programs are helping their children is so inspiring. I want to be the inspiration for students in the future and make the student and their parents amazed at the progress. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Episode Three; Inspirational Teachers

This episode is an interview with a sophomore special education student named Matthew Fazekas who is telling his experience of being in class and the troubles he's had going through high school. Matthew talks about how nervous he was about making friends and doing well in class. The most inspirational part of the episode was how grateful he was towards his teachers. They inspired him to follow his dreams and now he has plans for college and wants to be a teacher. It makes me want to be THAT teacher that inspires a student to achieve their goals in the future and is there to watch them succeed and prosper.                                                                                  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Special Education Podcast Episode Two- Interview with a Student

This segment of the podcast is an interview with Josefina Bermudez who is an eleventh grade special ed student. The part of this interview that really hit home with me was when he asked her what her favorite part of going to school was. Josefina said that her favorite part was getting to learn new things. I love that that aspect was her favorite part because so many children take the education that they are privileged to receive, but Josefina was excited to go to school and learn.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."- Gandhi

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Speical Education Podcast Episode One- Autistic Teacher's Aid

This episode of the Special Eduction Podcast interviews an autistic teacher's aid named Danielle who works with special education students within an elementary school. She loves helping the children because, due to her diagnosis, she can relate to them and bring them out of their shells. She speaks out to the children and tells them to follow their dreams and that learning to cope with their disabilities does get easier and better. Her interview sheds a new light on how people with disabilities aren't helpless. Disabled adults and children have goals and dreams like everyone else, and Danielle wants the children to know that they can achieve those goals.

The podcast can be found on the link below if anyone else is interested in looking through the episodes. There are not many episodes, but I will be finding another Special Education Podcast after I am finished with this one.

I am very interested in the Special Education field, especially autism, and would love comments regarding teaching methods, new research, etc.